My Brief Summer Fling With Wildstar

All in all I like Wildstar. It has a nice combat system, the double jumps are awesome, all my characters look really cool and there’s that nice sort of “Firefly feeling” to it.

The quest system is one of the things I like the best. You get to use a comunicator to turn in quests and get followup quests while you are out and about. And if you have a hard time finding the things you are looking for, you can get an arrow to show you where to go and how far away it is. So questing has a nice flow to it.

WhereImGoingI also love the concept of paths. It’s something I hope to see in more games in the future. It gives an extra dimension to the character based on what you like to do as a player. The settler path was a clear choice for me. But I’ve also had fun exploring on one of my characters and killing stuff together with the hubby’s soldier.

Wildstar_CuriosityThere are some nice zones, interesting stories and cool creatures to experience. I really enjoyed helping out Elderoot in Everstar Grove…all up to the last part of the quest. Don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t done it, but it’s a sad panda moment.

ElderrootAnd there’s this huge nature-troll-ish mobs you encounter while questing in Celestion, I really liked them. Especially the part where you get to ride on the back of one of them.

TrollDudeGoodGoing02But even though I like the game and feel exited thinking back of my time spent playing it, I have not managed to get past level 10 on any of my characters; mainly because I get over stimulated by the game. There are just so many things happening all at once; flashing graphics and lots of sounds.

But if you don’t mind that part I think it’s a great leveling experience. And it’s fun to play both solo and with friends.

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My Week in Gaming – 002: Winter in TERA and Warcraft PvP

On sunday we stumbled across the first winter zone in TERA, Westonia. Since I love winter zones in games I was really happy to see it. The area of the zone I so far enjoyed the most is called Tempest Reach and is more or less a dried up sea bed that has frozen over due to a surge of magic. There are old shipwrecks and weird sea creatures. Really neat.

TERA_SnowMast of a shipwreck sticking up from behind frozen flowers in Tempest Reach.

ArenaTeam_02While in that zone we ended up in a few challenging fights. One of them got really intense, to the point where it reminded me of PvP. And it made me think, if I can manage this I’m probably in shape to do some PvP.

So the next day me and the hubby did some 2v2 arenas in Warcraft to see if that was the case. And even though my gear is out of date it went okey and we had a lot of fun on our priest + hunter combo. This gives me things to do in WoW once again. So the plan to have my account frozen has been scrapped!

Zazzy_GreviousWith the arena games going well I decided to give some focus to another PvP project that I have been putting off for a long time: getting parts of the Grievous set for Zazzy to use for a transmog.

Zazzy has not PvPed since mid-WotLK, so her PvP gear is really crappy. I started out with 485 iLvL and just 1,13% PvP power. But I decided to try anyway. So far is has gone really well. I’ve had a lot of luck with the teams I’ve ended up in. And now I have 3 out of the 4 pices I need for the transmog, after just two nights of Battle Grounds.

However, I think the best experience from having done BGs on Zazzy so far is that I have totally re-evaluated shamans in PvP. Even though I know they are good these days, many top healers in arena teams are shamans, I havent’ wanted to PvP on my shamans. Back in WotLK, when I did PvP on Zazzy, I didn’t really like it. They were so squishy compared to my other healers. But now, I was suprised at how long I managed to stay alive in my crappy gear. Not squishy at all.

Zazzy_PvP02 Zazzy with the Hubby’s DK waiting for Warsong to start.

Oh and another great Warcraft thing happened. My ally warlock finally dinged 69! You might think it is an odd level to be so excited about, but it really isn’t. I love Demonology. It’s been my favorite lock spec since vanilla. But these days Demo isn’t any fun until you get the Molten Core talent, which you get at lvl 69. Now the little lock is back to Demonology and can happily set the world on fire with her Soul Fire!


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Wordless Wednesday – 009


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A word on in-game fashion in TERA

GreenDress02When I fist mentioned on Twitter that I had started to play TERA one of the first questions I got was about the look of the gear in the game. So I thought I’d write a post on the topic.

As most of my long-term readers know, I have a thing for “in-game fashion”. I love clothes, both IRL and in games. In games I tend to stay away from “boob plate” and mail bikinis, mostly because it breaks the illusion of my character being an adventurer. If I’m playing an adventurer I want practical gear that will protect the vital organs and keep my character warm. Needless to say, TERA is a far cry away from that sort of sensible armor.

But even so, there are still aspects of the fashion in TERA that I appreciate. The game is all in all very colorful and that is something that reflects in the gear. There are great pastels as well as bright colors and deeper tones.


There are also many great patterns and textures. And most clothes look as if the designer had the cut and draping of actual clothes mind while designing, so there’s some great movement to the clothes from time to time.

RedDressIf my sorcer erever leaves the start zone I’m getting her that dress!

I also love the fact that there are a lot of different models. I have wanted shorts and short skirts in Warcraft for a long time, I get both options in TERA. There are also very different styles. Some are more fantasy inspired while others are more contemporary.

The fact that the male characters of some races end up wearing “boob plate” is also a bit refreshing compared to games such as Warcraft where only the ladies get to wear them.

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My Week in Gaming – 001

I haven’t written any blog posts in ages. I guess I haven’t had much to say. But lately I’ve been feeling an urge to blog a bit again. I think I’ll start slow with short posts and lots of screenies. Here’s a look at what I’ve been up to this week.

A while back me and a friend started to play TERA. My main is a little Elin priest. He’s playing an archer.

This week we dinged 40! We celebrated by two manning most of Cultist’s Refuge. We got all the quests done but left the optional boss for another day…

Hubby has also made a toon in TERA. But since it has been such great summer weather IRL we have hardly managed to play together yet. We are stuck at lvl 12. As usual he’s managed to pick the biggest race in game for his toon!

One of the things I love about TERA is the art. It is stunning. Everywhere you turn there’s scenery waiting to be captured in screenies. I forsee a bunch of Wordless Wednesday posts in the future!

Oh and also, I’m so glad that I’ve managed to find outfits that actually cover the butt of my TERA characters. It wasn’t an easy thing to do.

The gaming thing I’m most excited about atm however is not digital but analog. We’re making new Tabeltop RPG characters tomorrow for a new Legend of the Five Rings campaign.

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Lorelei’s Favorite Quests in WoW: Decontamination

I really like the fact that the Gnomes have their own start zone inside Gnomeregan, even though it just lasts for a few levels. The quests you do in there really speaks to my inner Gnome. You get to save other Gnomes who are hurt after the somewhat failed attempt at reclaiming Gnomeregan from Thermaplugg.

SavingGnomesAnd once you have shown your potential to the rescue people the agents from S.A.F.E. will insist that you get decontaminated and go up to the surface to help the Gnome cause up there. The decontamination is rather fun, and a tad bit scary.

SavingGnomes2If you haven’t done these quests already I recommend you make a little Gnome and go have some fun down in Gnomeregan just to get a feel for the new start quests. It won’t take more than 10-15 minutes.

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Cautiously Excited About the New Guild Wars 2 Feature Pack

I used to play Guild Wars 2. And then I stopped. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the game. It wasn’t that I didn’t like my characters. It was all due to my server being more or less dead. Guild Wars is a game that is at its best when there are many people in the same zone, engaging things together. It is a game built for having fun together. So when I started to find myself all alone in the zones the fun of the game soon disappeared.

LotsOfPplGW2 is so much more fun with lots of people

One of the features in the upcoming Feature Pack is Megaservers. I am hoping that this will mean an end for being all alone to tackle events and bosses. If it manages to live up to my hopes I think GW2 will be back on the list of games I play regularly.


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