Lorelei Reads: Jaina Proudmoore Tides of War

Jaina Proudmoore Tides of War is a World of Warcraft novel written by Christine Golden. The main theme of the book is the story of the fall of Theramore, how it transpires and the aftermath. Besides the story of Theramore you also get to experience the recent development of the Blue Dragonflight and the city of Dalaran. It was quite a while since I read this book, but considering current events and content in World of Warcraft it is still a highly relevant.

The story told in the book is a great complement to what you experience in-game. Before I read the book I had played through the scenario for the fall of Theramore both on horde and alliance. So I had a clue on what would transpire, but even so the book took me by surprise. It adds depth and detail to the event. Once I had started reading I could hardly put the book down.

I have been a Jaina fan for years, so it was no surprise that I appreciated to read about her and her experiences. I was however slightly surprised that I found it as exciting to read about other characters that I had hardly ever, or in some cases never, heard of before; such as Jaina’s apprentice Kinndy Sparkshine, the blue dragonflight’s leader Kalecgos and Malkorok, the despicable and creepy new leader of the Kor’kron.

TidesOfWarI think the aspects of the book I appreciate the most is how it brings characters and places to life and how it gives genuine feelings to events that in a computer game can seem rather mechanic and void of emotions. Throughout most of the book I actually felt fearful of what the future holds in store for Jaina…I think I better stop writing so I don’t give away any spoilers.

If you like epic fantasy stories this is probably a book you would appreciate, even if you don’t enjoy playing the Warcraft games.

If you want more information about the book take a look at the book’s Wowopedia page.

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