The Hunt for the Hopling – A Guild Bonding Experience

A while back my hubby told me that he had heard of some pet you could get from the Stormstout Brewery. I usually have quite a good grip on where there are pets to get, but this one I had totally missed. There was only one thing to do: figure out what pet this was and how to get it!

The pet is a little hopling and I found a post on WoW insider that described the basics of how to get it. The pet is a reward for the achievement  Ling-Ting’s Herbal Journey, one of the Pandaria heroic dungeon achievements. It can however be done on normal difficulty as well.

As I was reading the above mentioned post and the comments on Wowhead I noticed that there are a few different ways to obtain this achievement. I thought that the strategy based on using shift+V seemed to be the most straightforward and decided to go with that one.

I also thought that some of my guildies might be interested in getting a hopling of their own. Our guild is a very small guild at the moment, so it is quite rare that we do things together. Turns out going on a hopling hunt were a great guild activity! We had a lot of fun.

Here is what we did and what I recommend any hopling hunter to do:

  • When entering the dungeon buy 5 Ling-Ting’s Favorite Tea, you will probably only need 2-3 of them but better safe than sorry is my motto here.
  • Then you go on to clear the instance fully. Don’t drink the tea untill the last boss is down.
  • When the boss is down and you have had your tea you click shift + V to make the health bars of friendly targets visable.Hopling_hidden02
  • The hoplings are sneaky little guys who are hiding, so take your time and look through the place carefully. We missed one hiding under the head of the last boss.
  • Once you find a hopling you just click it and it goes away. There are a total of 30 hoplings hiding in the instance, unfortunately there is no counter for this achievement so if you are doing it like a group activity it might be hard to keep track of how many you have found.

Once you have found them all you get the achievement and a letter in the mailbox containing your new little friend.

We were lucky enough to have a portable mailbox with us. So we got our new friends out for a group pic. Happy Hopling hunting everyone!


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2 Responses to The Hunt for the Hopling – A Guild Bonding Experience

  1. Navimie says:

    Aha! I’m the first to comment! I love reading about how everyone gets involved in a team effort for an achievement – well done!

    • Lorelei says:

      Grats on beeing the first to comment! :D

      And yes, it’s so much more fun when you do things together. This might have sparked something in us a s a gruop, last night we ended up doing 4 dungeons together. :)

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