Finally you are mine, my precious.

It just so happened that I woke up really early today, and I’m so happy I did. I managed to be online for a server reset. So I did what any sane pet battler who don’t have a scourged whelpling would do: I few Zazzy out to icecrown!

They were there! I spotted three scourged whelplings. And I’m really luck I was fast, because by the time I had tamed mine the others were gone. Finally I have Northrend Safari!

Next step will be to get a stone to upgrade this little guy. We’re gonna have a lot of fun him and me.

This one has been the hardest pet for me to get so far, at times I have felt a bit like Gollum: “We wants it. We needs is. Must have the precious.” So picking a name for him turned out quite easy.

Now it’s just a question of time before I get World Safari. Qiraji Guardling, I’ll be coming for you as soon as you come back from your vacation.

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8 Responses to Finally you are mine, my precious.

  1. Grats! Precious and Zazzy coordinate very well ;)

  2. harpysnest says:

    Grats :) I wish spring and the Guardling would hurry up.

  3. Pando says:

    Gratz on the pet!

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