Honest Gold for Honest Work

I recently noticed that some of the people in my Twitter feed were picking up Skyrim for the first time. You guys are my inspiration for this post.

The other day I decided to start a new character in Skyrim. In most games it can be a bit tough when going from an established character to a new one. You don’t have as many options of spells or abilities, you don’t look as cool and you’re broke. This post is about that last aspect.

When I first started to play Skyrim I really wanted to get a horse, but they were so expensive. It took me quite a while to get one. There are some down sides to having a horse but for me it has become a vital part of my play style; mainly because I over load my poor toon with stuff from dungeons so she needs to have a horse to get back to town in a reasonable amount of time.

What I didn’t know back when I was new to Skyrim is that there are some very easy ways to get money on a level 1 character, no dungeon crawling needed. What you need to do is not glamorous, but it is easy: woodcutting!

WoodAxe02This is what you need to do: First thing you need is a Woodcutter’s Axe, they are placed at a number of locations throughout the game. You can find one on a bench at the lumber mill in Riverwood, this is also the location for the actual wood cutting. Once you have the axe in your inventory you just equip it and step up to the chopping block near the little pier that goes out in to the river.

The following part is slightly tedious. I promised you easy gold, but I never said it would be fun. You will have to actively interact with the chopping block for every other piece of wood you cleave. What I suggest you do here is to do something fun outside of the game while doing this, sort of like with crew skills in SWTOR. But don’t have so much fun that you forget about the wood cutting. Usually I listen to audio books whenever I do any type of farming. This time however I did a round of my favorite mini game on my handheld game console.

For every piece of wood you cleave you get 2 pieces of firewood in your inventory, under misc. After you have been at it for a while you will get the message that you are carrying more than your carry capacity, this is no problem. It only means you cannot run. But at level 1 there isn’t really anything you need to run from when standing at the lumber mill. So just take your time and when you get tired of wood cutting you look up Hod. You can usually find him throwing logs in to the big saw.


Here’s a look at what I managed to get during the time of my little mini game on the side:

And yes, I did spend most of it on getting a horse. I went all the way to Markarth to pick him up.

horse HorseAndEli

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