Fishing for a Pony

I have been taking a break from Pet Batteling for a while to focus on leveling and some other things. But with Darkmoon Faire up it was time to give my pet collection some attention. First order of the day was to get a glow fly and a raven. While doing that I realized I had enought Prize Tickets to buy a pet, so I got a Darkmoon monkey. I’m looking forward to throwing bananas on my opponents!


After all this was done I went fishing for a pony, or rather a Sea Pony. I went with the guidelines from El’s extreme anglin.


It was the perfect motivation to level my fishing a bit. I was prepared to spend most of the day and maybe even part of tomorrow fishing. It didn’t come to that. After about 40 minuts I got what I came for.


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4 Responses to Fishing for a Pony

  1. Jojo says:

    Gratz! It took me ages to get my sea pony but its so cool and totally worth it!

  2. Erinys says:

    Grats :)

    I wish we had more bubble’d pets. I’d love an octopus or a shark or something a bit different.

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