Dress for Success: Protect Your Vital Organs

Last spring I got a link to a the site  Women Fighters In Reasonable Armor where pictures of “ladies that actually dress for dealing damage” are featured.  It has been a great resource and inspiration for me when making role-playing characters so I’m very happy to recomend it to anyone interested in armor in any way, shape or form. Some of the armors there look really awesome. Here’s some of my favorites:

For me personally, the “bikini mail” type of armor doesn’t cut it when I play RPGs. To quote the guy behind this website, there’s nothin’ wrong with sexy. I like a sexy character as much as anyone else. But I also like my characters to be as realistic as you can get in a fantasy/sci-fi world. This includs protecting their vital organs and making sure they keep warm on a cold night. There’s a great clip from CollegeHumor that shines a light on the situation:

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2 Responses to Dress for Success: Protect Your Vital Organs

  1. Navimie says:

    I do admit Lorelei when I first saw this, I thought, it’s should be in Zazzy’s blog! The info is really useful and practical – I like that.

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