Getting a Grummlepack

Can you ever have too much bag space? I’m sure any Grummle you asked would answer that question with a firm “no”, and so would I.

Upgrades to bag space is quite hard to come by at a decent price in Mists of Pandaria, but not impossible. If you haven’t done the Grummle quests in Kun-Lai Summit yet I strongly recommend going there and doing a few quests to get your very own 24 slot Grummlepack. All you need to do for acquire this bag is a short chain of quests:

  1. [Traffic Issues]  [Oil Stop]  [A Grummle’s Luck]
  2. [Roadside Assistance]
  3. [The Burlap Trail: To Burlap Waystation]
  4. [The Rabbitsfoot]
  5. [The Broketooth Ravage]
  6. [No Pack Left Behind] [Breaking Broketooth]  [A Monkey Idol]

Out of the last three quests you only need to do No Pack Left Behind to get the bag. But if you need exp you might want to do all three while you are at it, it’s quick and easy.


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One Response to Getting a Grummlepack

  1. This is one Pandaria quest chain that I’m definitely going to do with ALL my characters. I’m too stingy yet to buy bags any larger than Frostweave off the AH, and I can always use more bag space.

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