10 Days of Pet Battling – Day 1: My First Day of Pet Battleing

Navimie has put together a topic list for a “10 days of pet battleing” blog event. I have not done any of the “x days of blogging” lists so far. But this one speaks to me so I think I will give it a go.

I love pets and I love to collect them. Back in vanilla, before the days of achievements, I was quite the pet collector. I collected the pets I liked and used different pets on my characters. I even went on the hunt for rare pets every now and then. So when I first read about Pet Battles and the ability to tame pets  it made me really excited.

VanillaPetsTwo of my most loved pets in vanilla,
Dark Whelpling and Black Tabby.

The first thing I did after installing Mists of Pandaria was to learn the Pet Battlie skill. After that I did go out to Pandaria to have a look at the quests and start zones. But the zones were crowded and the the quests didn’t seem as fun as pet battles at that time. So I went back to Orgrimmar to keep pet battleing. I battled my way through Durotar and Northern Barrens.  I accidentally went over to Southern Barrens and my lvl 5 pet got pwnd by a level 9 toad…

I’ll be hones, my first day of pet battleing I felt like a noob. I hardly had any clue on what to do. I had no addons for pet battles and the quality of the pets wasn’t marked in the pet journal  back then. So when I picked my first pets to level I went on the amount of HP and what pets I liked the most. And I made a list of what pet from each family to level. The ones I leveled on my first day was my Dun Morogh Cub, my Worg Pup and my Lil’ Smoky. Funny thing though, non of these pets had been leveled much since those first days of MoP.


I like to do a bit of trail and error when I learn new things in computer games, to form my own opinion on things. So I didn’t look up that much information before I got going with Pet Battles. The one thing I did look up, and that I found very helpfull, was the charts with the pet family’s strengths and weaknesses. If you are thinking of picking up Pet Battling I recomend you have a look at the Pet Battle guides over at Warcraft Pets. There’s a lot of nice info over there.

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4 Responses to 10 Days of Pet Battling – Day 1: My First Day of Pet Battleing

  1. Cymre says:

    I did the same thing when I battled something in the Barrens after just a few battles. :P

  2. Navimie says:

    LOL I did that too, wandered over and got killed by a frog in Southern Barrens… yay for joining in Lorelei <3 And Dark whelpling was one of my favourite pets back in the day – it was a gift from a friend :)

    • Lorelei says:

      I was really lucky with mine. As we passed the mobs that dropped them I told the hubby: “I heard those dropps pets”. He ofc said: “Yeah, but it’s suck a low drop rate.” Long story short, I conviced him to kill a few whelps. The pet dropped of the second one we killed. :D

      Years later I had basically the same happen with the Azure whelpling. ^^

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