10 Days of Pet Battling – Day 2: Pets I don’t like.

The question posed by Naviemie as topic for the second day of 10 days of pet batteling is:

“What pets don’t you like and why?”

So far there is only one pet I outright dislike: Infested Bear Cub. I was happy to get it for my collection, but I’m quite sure I will never ever use it. If it had looked like it does in the pet journal it would have been okey…


…the problem comes once you summon it. Those eggs on his hindquarters is just a bit to “yuckie” for me. There’s no way to turn my frown upside down while looking at this battle pet.


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11 Responses to 10 Days of Pet Battling – Day 2: Pets I don’t like.

  1. Whoa, your right those eggs are just a bit too much. But besides that I do like the amount of detail the artists were able to add a on such a tiny model.

  2. Nyxrinne says:

    Just think of it as brewing up some nice spider pets for you!

  3. Navimie says:

    He is a bit gross! Though I do like it because it’s gross looking too…

  4. Cymre says:

    I really dislike that model, even when I headed out there to battle one, there were none to be found so I was stuck looking at the adults =/

  5. The description text they have is sad too D:

  6. Erinys says:

    I’m fine with the pet (but only on certain characters), but that quest in Hillsbrad involving the adult ones….. ick!!

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