10 Days of Pet Battling – Day 6: How I Make a Team

The question posed by Naviemie as topic for the sixth day of 10 days of pet batteling is:

“What pets have you got in your favourite team(s)?”

This one is a bit tricky for me. I haven’t done any PvP pet battling, but rather focused on PvE content. So the teams I put together is based upon the opposition I am up against. When you go up against a master tamer you can easily find out what sorts of pets they have and even what abilities they use. And I find it best to form my team based on that rather than favorite pets. So for this post I will be writing about how I pick my teams rather than what teams are my favorites.

There are three different ways that I go about picking a pet for a fight:

  1. It has a special ability you need.
  2. It does more damage on the type of pet you are going up against.
  3. It takes less damage from the type of pet you are going up against.

Considering the Darkmoon Faire is up I’m thinking I can use my team for the fight against Jeremy Feasel to explain further. Jeremy has the following 3 pets:

Honky-Tonk (mechanical) – 1745 health, 294 attack, 280 speed
Fezwick (beast) – 1570 health, 311 attack, 294 speed
Judgement (magical) – 1587 health, 329 attack, 276 speed

My line up for this fight is quite straight forward. I use a Ruby Sapling (elemental), a Nexus Whelpling (Dragon) and my Emerald Proto-Whelp (Dragon).


Sapling vs. Tonk is based on the sapling doing heavy damage on the tonk. The saplig also has an heal over time that comes in handy for lasting throughout the fight.


Nexus Whelpling vs. Fezwick might seem an odd choice at first. But if you take a closer look at their abilities you will soon see why. Fezwick is a really annoying pet to go up against if you don’t have the right pet. He will stun you and proceed to toss bananas at you. You will be so stunned that you hardly have an opportunity to do anything. But the Nexus whelpling has the Arcane Storm ability that makes it impossible to use stunns or roots while it is active. And once the stunns are removed Fezwick really isn’t all that hard.

KazulVsFezwick01 KazulVsFezwick02

Proto-Whelp vs. Judgment is just like the first pet choice based on the dragon doing a lot of damage on the magical pet. And yes, it is a dragon that can use some defensive ability if needed. That eye does pack some serious damage.


So my DMF team is basically based on points 1 and 2 in the list above. The previous post Day 4: My most epic fights & captures I did mention a team I have based on the principle of taking less damage and doing high damage to the opponent, my frog team. Being aquatic they take less dmg from undead and having critter attacks they do heavy dmg to undeads. I always keep an eye out for pets built in that way. Like the Jade Owl that takes less dmg from aquatics (due to beeing a magic pet) but also has flying abilities so it can do heavy dmg on aquatics. It’s a really nice combo.

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One Response to 10 Days of Pet Battling – Day 6: How I Make a Team

  1. Navimie says:

    Now I hadn’t thought of using arcane storm for Jeremy! That’s a great idea! (Though I use different pets for my lineup). See, I learn new things all the time!

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