Reached My Healer Goal for the Pandaria Expansion

Back in early Wrath of the Lich King I did a lot of faction changing with some of my favorite Warcraft characters, all of them healers. Since then I have had a goal for every expansion: to level one of each heal class to top level on both factions. Mainly so that when the new expansion comes I can play whatever class I want on either faction without having to do a faction change. This is the third expansion I have this goal.

This time around I have been taking it slowly. Since I do not do much with my characters at top level these days, I have not had a reason to hurry up. And since we got a new heal class I have also had the fun experience of leveling two new healers from level 1, one on each side.

This week I reached the goal by dinging 90 on my alliance druid. And so my big healer goal is done for this expansion! Here is a picture with all my level 90 healers.


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8 Responses to Reached My Healer Goal for the Pandaria Expansion

  1. Zeirah says:

    Grats. That is a great effort. They all look great.

  2. Congratulations on a goal well-done! :D

  3. Erinys says:

    Grats on achieving such a wonderful goal! Out of curiosity what is your human Paladin wearing? Is that a tabard or a top with the skull on it?

  4. Coolidge says:

    Shew, that is a lot of heals goin around. x.x

    • Lorelei says:

      I thought I was done with lvling healers for this expac, but some old guildies are rerolling on a new server for the expac…so I’m lvling a few more over there. Just in case. >.<

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